Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Eternal Answer

The Lotus: 
Bringer of Prosperity to Homes and Business;
The 'natural' symbol of Buddhism, 
and a naturally occurring Proof on our Earth 
that 'beauty' can Naturally rise from the 'dirt', 
because the Universe/God exists 
because Nothingness cannot exist 
unless there was Something; 
without Opposites, 
without the yin and the yang, 
there can be no Existence -- 
no dark without light; 
no chance to recognize joy unless there is sadness. 
Good only exists because there is Evil 
but it is us humans' job, 
as Agents of Change, 
to Act to ensure that 
the Light reaches and covers all the Dark places; 
that Happiness conquers Suffering -- 
for this is the only path for Good to triumph over Evil, 
the only path to Forgiveness, Redemption and Salvation,
and our only chance to become 'gods' in the History of Eternity, 
and therefore be morally worthy to join 
and become one with the Universe/God -- the Creator Himself.
For that is, Nirvana.
That is Heaven --
to See and Experience this World,
as the Universe/God experiences it,
and you, humans, are
the Eyes, the walking 'conscious points'
in the 'body' of the Universe/God,
and therefore, the 'bodies' through which
the Universe/God experiences
the suffering and joy
of all things human and non-human.

I have always felt I am a Pantheist, but after 3 days of intense meditation, I have come to the personal conclusion which gives me a scientific and rational reason to believe that though some liberals dislike the traditional and tragic use of the word 'god', I have realized deep inside that I am now 99.99 percent sure that Nirvana is the same as Heaven, and that, our death on this Earth, does not make us mortal, because it is the beginning of the our joining the Universal Consciousness and experience everything that He has an Eternity to experience, through conscious points in Space-Time, i.e. any thing that has a life, whether it has a face or not.

Therefore, from today, I have Repented all my Sins, and started a morally clean and spiritually healthy new chapter in life, by Sealing an unspoken Sacred and Holy Personal Covenant (or a deal, if you will), and prayed, through words, in order to initiate Action on my Part, because 'GOD' is this Universe, outside which exists nothing, not even space and time, and therefore, this Universe is actually one big 'brain', eternal in nature, with no Beginning and no End, bound in a Timeless Loop, able to Experience everything Omnisciently and Omnipotently, because, whether you call this Universe the 'God' Himself, 'it' actually is an Eternal Singularity, a 'sphere' of Time-Space which is expanding multi-dimensionally within itself (giving rise to the idea of the 'Big Bang' Cosmic explosion, and therefore you need not waste time wondering over non-issues like the 'size' of the Universe/God in relation to all the Nothingness 'surrounding' all of it), and hence, because the Universe/God is an eternal time-space loop unto Itself, there is no real past, present or future but only Timelines, in a 'multiverse' of parallel universes, of which each living thing is experiencing a different, individual kind of experience of this Universe and the human society and cultures we live in, and therefore, we should all be aware of the most recent scientific theories and facts, in order such that we may not kill and eat any living being that experience pain and/or is sentient. Moderation is neither being an extreme vegetarian nor extreme carnivore, but to ensure that we each contribute to making the Universe/God's body a peaceful place, by ensuring that all suffering for all kinds of beings are ended, such that, the Universe/God may experience It's Self as a 100 percent Eternal Happy Place (or 'heaven' or 'paradise' if you will), by making sure each of us never harm ever again any being that is sentient and/or experiences pain.

If you want to be close to God, all you need to understand is that He has and is, a Higher Intelligence -- imagine all the complicated mathematics He has to do in order to interfere, into the Naturally Aligned Geometry of His 'body' in order to be able to Willfully Cause Change, with each of our Will, Prayer, Word, Action that we humans, who are self-aware and intelligent, ONLY can cause, and therefore, in order to bring Peace and Happiness, and to create Heaven on Earth by establishing the 'Kingdom of God', because, according to current research, scientific and social, humans are the only beings who have naturally Evolved to cross the 'Rubicon boundary of consciousness' in order to reach a level of self-awareness, that it, to an extent, have SOME Free Will, in being our ability to calculate, apply logic and rationalism, and thus be able to harbor only good intentions all the time, utter only the kindest and most generous of positive Words and/or Prayers, along with Action, in order for the Universe/God to be able to 'effect' change in order to 'answer' our prayers and cause positive change to ALL living beings and the natural environment in order to create our Paradise on Earth. As one scientist told a documentary, this Universe of Time-Space and all its Energy is the ONLY thing that exists and you are free to call it 'God' if you like because the Universe is god-like as it has no beginning and no end and is therefore eternal in nature.

We humans, therefore, are in a UNIQUE position to be able to effect change throughout the Universe because we are the only ones who, along this Timeline, can effect change and ensure that all living beings on our Timeline does not suffer for even a moment and that, each second of its life, is filled with joy and happiness, not stress and depression, but eternal serenity of the mind, body and spirit.

Everything in the Universe/God's body is all the Energy, that can never be either Created nor Destroyed, as you must have learnt in Physics class in secondary school, that is, therefore, eternal, and 'inherent' in this 'ball' of Time-Space, arranging itself in interesting but ALWAYS GEOMETRIC ways, and therefore making our lives indifferent and unbiased, thus giving us some room for controlling our Fate and Destiny in this Quantum state of matter which gives you, the Observer, to Will and bring about Change. The 'fluid' but Symmetrical nature of Energy/Matter in this Universe where Time is intermittently intertwined with Space, also thus Creates lifeforms, like flora and fauna, and sophisticating environments and ecologies over time, to Create society and culture, and in the case of us humans, ethnicity and creed. If you want to "be the change that you seek to bring about to this World", ACT POSITIVELY NOW TOWARDS ALL YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS AND ALL LIVING THINGS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. If you want to be spiritual, get out of the Framework of Religion created by societies with vested material and political interests, and follow your own spiritual path by observing and being part of Nature and the Natural Environment through deep mindful meditation. Death is not an end; it is our 'opportunity' to join the Universe FOREVER and directly, and eternally, start experiencing all the happiness, and all the suffering, the Universe/God is currently experiencing Itself/Himself. Jesus of Nazareth selflessly, and most importantly, out of Love, underwent Crucifixion in order so that the Universe/God, "our father up there who 'sired' and 'created' us not necessarily through lust", may, through human eyes, and a human body, could be given the opportunity to directly experience PHYSICALLY the Ultimate Pain and Suffering. That is The Passion.

That is why, if you do not feed the poor, your life will become a PERSONAL Hell on Earth for you. That is why the West is moving towards a Welfare and Socialist society. That you will see the consequences of even an "atom of any act, good or bad", because the Universe/God's body has EQUAL Consequences of every Actions, much like the balls hitting one another in symmetrical sequence on a pool table, as that Integrated Science teacher taught you in primary school. That is Karma. That is Dharma. That is the Balance in Nature. Dictators may be smiling today in their selfies but how do we know that they are not currently undergoing or will undergo great INTERNAL personal turmoil and strife right before their own deaths? Unlike us meekly homo sapiens, the Universe is a much vast INFORMATION NETWORK THAT IS LIKE A BRAIN. So let us live in a secular environment where each individual feels protected for his/her diversity, and therefore, promote individual Creativity to make this Universe/God a better place for you and me. Universe/God has already "written" down the Divine Plan, because in this Quantum state of things, He has access to every point on all Timelines in this 'multiverse' contained in the wholesome Time-Space Loop (therefore resulting in the physicist Paul Davies to claim that we may have had a say in our own Creation and subsequent Evolution!), and therefore, has access to both the Past and the Future, and therefore 'knows beforehand' what kind of Choices you will/have made at all points on the Timeline in your own personal Journey of Life within the limited Free Will you 'naturally' have.

'God' is NOT outside this system. He is as close to you as your jugular vein, as Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) told all of you, because God is this Universe and we are all in 'it' and therefore we are all part of God, and therefore, we are all God or gods. Could this Secularist Ideology, to ensure Tolerance and Diversity, have been the Original Message of all the Prophets and Sages, like Abraham, Mohamed, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Shiva et al? Let the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights serve as our Sacred Text, to ensure that Peace come to reign over the whole world, as appealed by Jostein Gaarder in the philosophical novel, SOPHIE'S WORLD, which should be religiously taught to children at all schools around the whole planet, to ensure that humanity does not continue to fight each other eternally, bringing much pain and destruction to nothing but our own selves and our families and loved ones. Only Philosophy, Science and Art will save the human race. Why should we bother over rather trivial matters such as gay marriage or what they do inside their bedrooms after the knot is tied? Do you have an Eternity to dwell in your No Life? Get a life! Don't be interested in other people's personal lives. Act Now!

Thus today my Mind (and 'Soul'?) is 'inspired', naturally under excessive experiences of desperation and stress, like bipolarity and schizophrenia in some cases, and I will not keep 'animals' as pets or domesticated. If people were once afraid that Science will lead to Irreligiosity, that time it was because we did not have enough development in information and technology, but now we have enough research and evidence to show that, finally, in our times, Science has not only become compatible with Religion and Spirituality but that, it has in fact now come to pass that, Science has led directly to Religion and Spirituality! When you think about it, it is not surprising, because we humans embarked on the journey of science because there were before too many gaps to fill in where Religion and Spirituality could not answer. But not anymore! Thanks to Yoga and Meditation. This sudden shocking truth must be quite a bummer for sometimes headstrong and stubborn 'dry rationalists' and 'radical atheists' like Richard Dawkins, and I can only say that, philosopher-scientists like Sam Harris are fortunate to now see Reality as it, because they were not extremist, and were willing to keep an open mind, and study Eastern mysticism, culture and medicine, in order to take up something as 'exotic' as mindful meditation, something which has been around human civilization older than Siddhartha Gautama, the Lord Buddha himself, and realize these truths and be able to give an awe-inspiring and life-affirming public lecture, ironically at an atheists' convention, like this one on 'Death and the present moment'.

Remember, the more of you become individually diverse, and hence, the more diverse artistic products you design, debate and manufacture, as individual and liberal Creators, can bring not only 'entertainment' but a sense of joy and being one of the 'family' of the Universe/God. This is not some New Age or Pseudo-science bullshit. Death is your Reincarnation as One and With the Universe. Do not fear it; Welcome it with peace. Spread your creativity with this one short life you get as a human being on this interesting planet, Earth, and keep the Universe/God eternally happy and entertained at the same time because once you die and enter the 'afterlife' and has SIMULTANEOUS access to all points on all Timelines in the whole Universe/God, you will 'see' and 'experience' PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY the fruit of your work -- or the destruction you cause. And also therefore, the more 'entertainment' you and other humans create in this earthly life, the more choice of 'entertainment' you will get to enjoy while being eternally with the One Himself, the Universe/God, 'seeing' and experiencing everything as He does in the Afterlife, you yourself becoming omniscient and omnipresent. So only you have the power to create your own entertainment because, remember, you have an Eternity to live, and as Mr. Bean joked, eternity could be a "heck of a long time", to put it mildly. Pursue open (sexual and/or romantic and/or platonic/fraternal) relationships. Spread your love, not just your seed, and be happy and comfortable with who you are, and your neighbor's individuality. Let yourself experience this awesome sense of freedom from socially constructed restricting rules by treating your brother as thy will yourself.

So, hereafter, in order not to offend any religion, culture, society, ethnicity or creed, I will not express myself in offending terms but only through artistic means. Thus, I have been, at long last, INSPIRED to structure my own personal experiences on this particular Timeline and start writing of my own biography, in the form of a semi-autobiographical fantasy novel titled 'Land Of The Brown Wolf', of which 8 chapters I have already finished writing, along with the book cover artwork I am digitizing from traditional form. And I hope I will be able to write this novel in the spiritual and uplifting spirit of the likes of Arundhati Roy's 'The God of Small Things', Yann Martel's 'Life of Pi' and Amish Patel's The Shiva trilogy.

This should be THE NEW PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY OF OUR LIVES. Be liberal in creativity, be sexy and entertaining (like Kylie), and do not be Conservative when you now understand and is freely presented with the easy opportunity of entering Eternal Bliss, the Nirvana. There is no 'other Afterlife' heaven or hell; Earth is the place we humans have got, and we humans are in the unique position of being physically able to act as Agents of Change in the Whole Universe and therefore, EITHER make our lives Heaven OR Hell on Earth. So, Peace. Ayubowan, Wanakkam, Namaste, Assalaamalaikum...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bollywood is not all bullshit

A groundbreaking pop film from Bollywood in 1987 plays on feminism, with a reversal of gender role from the classic "Tarzan and Jane". Here, Tarzan is a girl who grew up in the jungle isolated from humans. She is initially happy to be in human society but soon misses the green Nature. Here, as her discoverer, and now boyfriend, introduces her to the urbane city life, she starts to sing soulfully, "Jungle kaha, yun ko ga ey?" "Where did the jungle disappear to just like that?") rendered from the amazing vocals of Pakistan's late Nazia Hassan and her brother who,during the 1980s, the golden era of popular culture, put Asian pop on the world music map.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

MDP has become corrupt to the core

Anni is a fake. Finally I realized it. He is a Male' supremacist and doesn't really care about Raajjetherey people though he goes to the islands smiling and pretending to be a man of the rural people. He is no different from the snobbish Maumoon and Yameen. I hope MDP never wins an election ever again. Amen.

More than 30 Maldivians, whom I considered liberals and close friends, the cream of Maldives' intelligentsia, last week proved to be fakes when I asked for a little help after I was stranded in Colombo. One of them told me to go to the local Buddhist temple and say hello to the monks and that they will feed me. And I realized that MDP senior members are still pissed off with me, Aminath Sulthona and Abraham Naim for staging the religious freedom demonstration in 2011 which they say was responsible for MDP losing the government and the current dire straights Maldivians are under PPM government. Only 4 Maldivians in Colombo bothered to meet me and give me some financial assistance so that I can remain here until I fly to Europe to my asylum country. I asked one of them why people were avoiding me at this time and they said MDP now really hates the three of us and that in fact they are spreading rumors that I am back on heroin because I have thinned after taking up yoga and meditation, as I wrote earlier in this blogpost

Well, I thought liberals gave the benefit of the doubt and reserved judgment until they saw it for themselves. How wrong I was. I could prove to you that I am not on heroin but actually flying to Europe tonight because there are four Maldivians with me right now and they can attest to you that I am alright. By why bother? Maldivians will always be judgmental and selfish. So, yeah, you can go on believing what you want to believe about me but I don't care about that now. As soon as I am on European shores, I can put all these petty Asian narrow-mindedness behind me. long and thanks for all the fish, seykustan Maldivians.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Someone just (very sickly) made me realize that Maldivians are a hopeless bunch. So, let's stop looking for Rilwan and forget him. He probably deserved it. He offended the religious sentiments of some Allah-fearing Maldivians and they got "jazbaathed" and kidnapped and killed him 'cos they couldn't help themselves. They were out of control. Not their problem. It's a problem with human nature. So, let's blame Allah for creating us weak and rest this case. Amen.

PS: Oh Allah, why do you pressure us weaklings to follow in the IMPOSSIBLE footsteps of prophets like Noah? Woe unto us.

Dhaanu and Masood are protecting Issey because family bonds are more sacred. So goes with Dunya Maumoon who is supporting the actions of her evil father.

You can't blame them. Allah created us all weak. So I apologize to Dhaanu and Masood and Dunya Maumoon and all Maldivian Muslim gangsters who are actually hapless and helpless and victimized victims and therefore Solders of Allah who deserve to go to Paradise. They are not to blame. Wtf!