Thursday, March 26, 2015


Dear friends,

Recently I had a fall and a near brush with death. After 4 months in confinement with no indulgences, my mind is now in full focus and I have realised a very important truth. Allah (God) is real. If you also keep an open mind, one day you will also see this Truth.

So I have decided to stop blogging and have deleted all my blogposts on this blog. I now do not want to offend anyone or anything and I sincerely apologise to all those I have offended before. I have also instructed my former webmaster to delete all the blogposts on

Please also be aware that my Twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked/hijacked again and they might be posting anti-Islamic things in order to tarnish my name and create hatred towards me. Please report them.

May Allah guide us all to Islam and the Truth, Peace and Paradise. Aameen. -- Hilath Rasheed, 26 March 2015