Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bollywood is not all bullshit

A groundbreaking pop film from Bollywood in 1987 plays on feminism, with a reversal of gender role from the classic "Tarzan and Jane". Here, Tarzan is a girl who grew up in the jungle isolated from humans. She is initially happy to be in human society but soon misses the green Nature. Here, as her discoverer, and now boyfriend, introduces her to the urbane city life, she starts to sing soulfully, "Jungle kaha, yun ko ga ey?" "Where did the jungle disappear to just like that?") rendered from the amazing vocals of Pakistan's late Nazia Hassan and her brother who,during the 1980s, the golden era of popular culture, put Asian pop on the world music map. http://youtu.be/x4bmNt5OKf8

Thursday, October 09, 2014

MDP has become corrupt to the core

Anni is a fake. Finally I realized it. He is a Male' supremacist and doesn't really care about Raajjetherey people though he goes to the islands smiling and pretending to be a man of the rural people. He is no different from the snobbish Maumoon and Yameen. I hope MDP never wins an election ever again. Amen.

More than 30 Maldivians, whom I considered liberals and close friends, the cream of Maldives' intelligentsia, last week proved to be fakes when I asked for a little help after I was stranded in Colombo. One of them told me to go to the local Buddhist temple and say hello to the monks and that they will feed me. And I realized that MDP senior members are still pissed off with me, Aminath Sulthona and Abraham Naim for staging the religious freedom demonstration in 2011 which they say was responsible for MDP losing the government and the current dire straights Maldivians are under PPM government. Only 4 Maldivians in Colombo bothered to meet me and give me some financial assistance so that I can remain here until I fly to Europe to my asylum country. I asked one of them why people were avoiding me at this time and they said MDP now really hates the three of us and that in fact they are spreading rumors that I am back on heroin because I have thinned after taking up yoga and meditation, as I wrote earlier in this blogpost http://hilath.blogspot.com/2014/06/a-life-affirming-revelation.html

Well, I thought liberals gave the benefit of the doubt and reserved judgment until they saw it for themselves. How wrong I was. I could prove to you that I am not on heroin but actually flying to Europe tonight because there are four Maldivians with me right now and they can attest to you that I am alright. By why bother? Maldivians will always be judgmental and selfish. So, yeah, you can go on believing what you want to believe about me but I don't care about that now. As soon as I am on European shores, I can put all these petty Asian narrow-mindedness behind me. So...so long and thanks for all the fish, seykustan Maldivians.